XinYi Christmas Lights

XinYi Christmas Lights

Although a bit more commercialized the displays here blow the Banqiao christmas lights out of the water.  The decorations are much more elaborate and the crowds more vibrant.  I think I did two laps to be sure that I captured everything I wanted to.

Pictures are to boyfriends what video games are to boyfriends.


What if he's telling her really bad news?

From the new Star Wars display.


I'm really surprised one of the famous IG cool kids hasn't taken a shot from this angle yet.  Note the date.  I shot it first!

Loving the colors here.  Would like to come back with my DSLR for this one.

I couldn't have posed a model this well if I tried.  Natural poses are always the best.

Cool light saber.

This area is a pretty good year-round for capturing nice lights.  If you're looking for an amazing set of lights outside of the Christmas season then I recommend checking out JianTan Underpass for a really unique place to shoot.  Also if you're looking for more traditional or typical 'Asian' shots then see my guide Finding Neon in Taipei.