Ming Chuan University: Taipei Campus

This university somehow exists on a mountainside.

SHILIN DISTRICT — Today I visited a university near Shillin Market that I never even knew existed before.  There's just so much packed into Taipei that it's easy to miss major stuff.  The buildings are all scattered up the mountainside along one one main path.  College in Taiwan is notoriously lax.  They're basically country clubs.  This one was no different.  

Protector of the realm.
GTA Taipei

"Friends who text together stay together." — Ghandi


Cool hat bro.

Every group project: One is a moron.  One does all the world and goes insane.  One doesn't do anything until the end.  And one disappears without a trace until the last few minutes.

No matter what kind of photography you do I think this place can provide some good content.  The winding roads up the mountain were nice, and the view of the city once you're up at the top was cool as well.  There are plenty of spots to get good lighting for portraits, and the amount of pedestrians will always make it easy to camp out for street photos like I did.